On the island Holbox (pronounced Holbosch), at the north coast of the Yucatan-peninsula in Mexico, I´ve gladly taking part of the annual february carnival. Mostly performed with drums and horns but ocationally also with a set of guitars and violins. The percussionists are in the instrumental centre, rising and sinking in frequency and controlling the dynamics. The vocal power and wonderful visual appearance comes from a great gathering of female singers in all ages who sings their hearts out on traditional upbeat tunes. Dressed in all kinds of colorful uniforms. Half the town gathers around the orchestra and the singers, spirits are high and spreads fast among the spectators. I´m very happy for this experience…

Now I’m in THE west, at the coastline of the state of California, the heartland of so much pop-culture that I love. To be specific I’m in Santa Cruz, the beautiful coastal town one and a half hours south of San Francisco. It’s a very familiar place for both surfers and skateboarders, the world famous surf-brand O’Neill and of course Santa Cruz Skateboard company originates from here. So also a very environment friendly and aware lifestyle. There’s really a fantastic mix of different kinds of people here, downtown you’ll se at least a couple of talented street-performers or buskers everyday (at least those few days I’ve been visiting). There’s all kinds of characters, a women who alone beautifully sang a capella, a homeless man with a guitar and soft voice and a folk-blues trio with stand up bas, guitar and mandolin. The mainstreet Pacific Avenue is vibrant even in the middle of a normal weekday, it seems to be room for everybody. To get more music you could go to one of the many clubs who serves live music in the evening, Pegi Young and her band is performing on monday and we’re going.

It must also be said that the town also has the worlds sixth oldest wooden roller-coaster down by the famous boardwalk overlooking the wonderful Monterrey bay (the same bay John Steinbeck has been overviewing in some of his novels, for example Cannery Row). I very much enjoy it here and being able to stay with dear friends at their wonderful home is of course a blessing for a visitor. Getting to know a town from the inside is truly a great thing. For a lover of american pale ale beer this is also of course a haven…

Even though new posts has been kept on the down low the last month, I hope you’re visiting at times reading and listening on some of the old stuff you might not have seen. Perhaps the short story about the brazilian psychedelia group Os Mutantes or the eclectic story about Christine McVie might be interesting. You decide what you want to do. The decision is completely yours. But please do.

Talk to you again sooner or later…


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2 svar to “International”

  1. Lars Ahlbom Says:

    Hello cowboy,

    Härligt att höra lite nyheter. Läsvärt som vanligt! (även om jag föredrar när du använder dig av svenskens språkdräkt). Vad äter och dricker mexikanarna? Är det tacos och tequila?

    Sven Deblanc skrev en gång – ”En liten mexikan. En stor sombrero. Livets ax är en mariachiorkester som aldrig tystnar.”

    Fridens liljor,


    • thenplayon Says:

      Hej Lars!

      Det gladjer mig stort att just du har hittat hit till min lilla kolonilott pa en av internets alla avkrokar. Det gladjer mig forstas minst lika mycket att du finner det lasvart! Jag blev glatt overraskad nar jag sag att du skickat en kommentar och faktum ar att jag nyligen skickade dig en tanke, den maste tagit sig over Atlanten. Vart befinner du dig numera?

      Eftersom jag pa resande fot endast har tillgang till engelskanpassade datorer blir en svensk text alltfor (i alla fall estetiskt) lidande utan de nodvandiga prickar som behovs ovanfor somliga vokaler, engelska fick darfor bli blogens resesprak. Kul att prova sina vingar i det idiomet ocksa. Jag kommer nog aldrig forsoka mig pa spanska i alla fall haha.

      Tequila av den drickbara sorten (len i smaken) ar vanligt forekommande i Mexiko, men bor forstas intas i sma mangder. Tacos har jag sett i mangder. Annars forekommer ofta olika omelletter med varierande fyllning tillsammans med bonrora. Ocksa gott. Tack for citatet forresten, tals att begrundas bade en och tva ganger men jag har sett bade en liten mexikan, en stor sombreo och en (vitkladd) mariachiorkester.

      I skrivandets stund befinner jag mig i San Francisco men rorde mig for bara ett par dagar sedan uppe i Steinbecks fodelseort Salinas ”the pastures of heaven”. Vackert varre med hisnande utsikter over bade hav och land.

      Hoppas allt ar val med dig och att vi pa detta forum kan ses igen!




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